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Crowds don't make me happy; alone I don't feel right

- nothing will seem easy about me

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After this entry, everything goes friend's only. I debated long and hard over whether or not I wanted to do this, but I love this guy so much that I figured it's worth letting a few other people read his words. So, without further adieu, I present Jake's yearbook enscription:

"When our two pages are reunited, your 208 and my 97, several things should have transpired. First of all I expect you to have, at least an idea of, that thing that completes you. If you discover, in the time our two books are separated, that all you need is yourself, that is also valid; all that matters is you are happy. In the time our two books are separated you should have seen things you never thought possible. If you have yet to see something truly magical just ask me and I'm sure I will show you. In the time I have known you, you have made many great leaps forward in your journey to self realization and I am proud of you, but there is still much for you to learn and see. Remain open to new experiences and your life will be full and fruitful. Love is out there and waiting for you to take it, don't ever betray yourself. In the time these book have been apart I hope you have seen the world. I hope you have made some mother f*#@ing big mistakes, they define you. Fight whatever problems you are faced with to the bitter end, using all the fire I know you have inside you. In the time these books been apart, I known you will have made great accomplishments. When these two books are brought back together I know you will have a friend in me! Live like you were going to die tomorrow, learn as if you were to live forever. Have fun.

Jake Lewis

PS. If you are waiting for a sign... this is it. Just do it, it will be worth it. Trust me."

Jake. You mean more to me than I think you could ever grasp. You are the Tony to my Effy, in that we are both monumentally fucked up in a plethora of ways, but you'll always be there for me and I'll always want you to be there. Thank you.


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