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Mostly Just Rambling, But I Do Have A Legit Question I Want The Answer To At The End
Skins | Effy
 Oh man, remember when I used to shit all over Lauren due to her love of RPF? I've... I've turned to the dark side. Because honestly, cute and/or angsty FF about my fave couples is great, lovely, couldn't ask for more, but stories about the crazy crushes backstage causing all this internal drama until they FINALLY hook up and realize that A) even though they're straight, they enjoy fucking girls, and B) they fucking loved each other all along give me hope for life. 

Now there's been some shit going down in this fandom (Skins) with certain RPF pairings lately due to some crazy mother fuckin' trolls (who, scarily enough, probably are either stalking the actresses IRL or, scarier still, are friends of theirs who are like "WTFBBQ?!?@#*&@+&#%@" to some of the shit that's been written), so I am taking a risk by linking to this person's journal, but I know you all pretty well/only a few people read it, and I know that both Viviana and Julianna (if the latter still uses LJ) both watch it and are both fans. Also, Viviana was also the lovely person who led to my discovery of the awesomeness that is andthiswire and her fan fic.

I was looking for some Naomi/Emily, Viviana finds me some links, gives me the last and tells me basically it's a little unorthodox because it's actually Emily/Effy with some Naomily sprinkled in between. I read it over the course of a few days and Transatlanticism (yay Death Cab!) has become one of my favourite fics of all time.

Couple nights ago, bored, looking at this person's fic masterlist. Stumble across one entitled Slow Hands (yay Interpol!) and decide to give it a shot. Holy so much good. I never thought I would do RPF. There was one time I read an SMG/ED fic and the story itself was more for ~teh lulz~ than anything else, but Slow Hands... so. much. win.

Anyway. I've been sucked in. Basically, I want more LilyKat, Mega, Kat/Kaya (dunno how to mix that...), or potentially more combinations of the four. This is terrifying. But dear sweet Jesus, I'm addicted, even if none of it is even close to real (though I secretly hope it is).

Right, real life, go! Day 2 without parents. Went to bed at 6 a.m., woke up at 8:45. Nearly died at work from being so tired. Saw Funny People. The people behind me were being douchebags, so I told them to shut the fuck up or I'd get the manager. The perks of working at a theater. It's not really the right movie to see if you want laugh out loud funny all the time. I don't think people realize that. It's dark. And the last half definitely assures you that you are NOT in a typical Adam Sandler comedy.

After that, went to the mall instead of home. Forgot that it's Tuesday, not Wednesday, so the mall was closed but I wandered about in Future Shop for about 0.5 seconds before caving and buying BSG 4.5. I still can't believe it's over. It hurts to talk about.

Meandered over to Chapters when I was done there. It's weird to think that it was 2 years ago that I was just about to come out and was testing the waters by flirting with the dyke that worked at the Starbucks there. She doesn't, anymore. They never have The Once and Future King, so I was going to buy Fool, but decided to give The Time Traveler's Wife a try. I love Rachel McAdams, so obviously I'll see the movie, I just want to read the book first to know what they change. 

Had KFC for dinner. Pacholo was not working (don't ask) and I was slightly saddened. Fries sucked.

Went home. Fed cat. Took out recycle. Was going to read, but Clueless was on, and once you know it's on, you have to watch it. I did fall asleep during it though, at about 9. Woke up at 10:15, the Babysitters Club was on. Fell back to sleep. Good stuff. Now I'm here. Christ I lead a boring life. Whatevs. Party (a.k.a. small shindig) at my house on Thursday, all of you are invited if you can make it. Show up around 8. BYOB. And be prepared to have your ass handed to you in Rock Band. 

PS. Anyone know how to make one of those posts that sticks at the top. I'm thinking of officially making this "quasi-friends only", as only, what? One of every 25-30 entries is public. If you know/have a good friends only banner, leave a thorough description of how to in the comments.

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You have to date the entry way in advance. Like Put December 30th, 2023. So then it is always the first one. That's where my knowledge runs out.

You, my friend, know everything there is to know. Ever. It's excellent. Thank you. Now all I have to go is find a decent friends only banner and we are in business.

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