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Like Moth To Flame
Skins | Effy
 My parents and sister left for vacation today. Well, technically yesterday, but whatever. I opted out, partially to stay away from all the fighting and partially to have the house to myself for the first time in my life.

It's a mix of amazing and terrifying. On one hand, I'm paranoid. Every bump is someone trying to break in. I've taken to sleeping with a baseball bat under my bed. On the other hand, I can listen to music extremely loud while sitting in the family room on my computer, sleep with my door open, just relax, the everyday things we take for granted. I took a bath for the first time in forever, lit some candles and just listened to really slow, powerful music. I was in there for about an hour. 

When I let Hero outside earlier, a moth got into the house, and apparently I closed the screen door before it could get out. It fluttered about for the rest of the evening, looking for an escape, but alas, there wasn't one. While taking aforementioned bath, the moth came into my bathroom. I presume it was following the lights, so as they went off in one part of the house, and on in another, it was drawn to the brightness anew.

I watched it fly for awhile, took particular enjoyment in watching the shadow cast by the flame, watched as it danced all over my bathroom walls. I closed my eyes for a song, and when I opened them, the moth was gone. I thought nothing of it. As my bath time drew to a close, I got up, toweled off, and took to extinguishing the candles. As I peered down at one, I noticed something decidedly out of place. The moth. Dead. Preserved forever in the confines of the wax. The first literal encounter I've ever had of the phrase "like moth to flame." Strange to think that a decision as small as entering an open door can change a life forever.


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