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Skins | Effy
"Now we're all white here, so it's the A-okay kind of racism."

Anthony Bruno, you make my Drama class bearable. Well, you and Jake.

Tomorrow is the first school dance of the year. It will be the first ever I attend. It's Glow-In-The-Dark. I am mega-super excited. Alyssa and I went to the mall today and loaded up on glow sticks from the dollar store. We were trying to find white t-shirts too, but both of us realized that we actually had ones that would work. Obviously mine is very modest while hers is slutty. But it's all good. We were making jokes about how big of a slut I am.

"I think I'll wear a black tank-top underneath. Just in case it gets really warm."
"First rolling up your sleeves, now maybe wearing a tank-top? Jeez, what's next Courtney, V-neck shirts?"

Good times. There was this really cute dyke on the bus. But shhh, I didn't just say that. What is it that makes toques so adorable?

I quit Rogers. Then they called me back later that night, offered me a raise as a CSR, a promotion to Shift Leader, which would add on another two dollars. If I completed all the training for it and stuff, I'd be at $11/hour. I'm still going to turn them down. I'm such a moron.

Friday we have no school and a few of us are thinking of having another dance party on Thursday night. Since I am guaranteed Halloween off, I'm having a party. It will be booze-less most likely, but I am all about the wholesome fun. We really just want as many excuses as possible to have crazy dance parties as often as possible. Pop music has corrupted my mind.

PS. I got a 9 (out of 9) on my first ever literary analysis essay. I am currently getting 95.4% (the highest mark) in my AP English Lit class (a college level course) and I am actually proud of myself.


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