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Skins | Effy
Just like the Cylons, I have a plan. An amazing plan. I am going take a leaf out of Viviana's book and sufficiently ass rape Ms. Collins with my words. This is something I am good at. I have quasi-rehearsed and know pretty much exactly what I'm going to say. If she doesn't respond well, then I will pull the trump card, a.k.a. "If my report card comes and the grade for Media Arts is less than a required pass, my parents and I will be in contact with the administration and I will make sure they look into it. Thoroughly." OH YEAH! Hopefully this whole ordeal will be wrapped up by tomorrow and I can focus on having the best summer of my life.

Speaking of the best summer, guess what I did today? Went downtown and dropped off my forms at the Passport Canada office. The lines were way shorter than I had been lead to believe. I opted to pay the 10 bucks extra so I can go back in 2 weeks exactly and pick it up. My mom is going to let me book a flight now. July 21-August 11. I am even going to miss Tegan and Sara performing acoustically in Vancouver on August 10th for only $10-$20 admission. And you know how fuckin' obsessed with Tegan and Sara I am. This is a big step.

Final notes: being sick sucks. I'm tired of thinking of school when I should just be out. Work often makes me crazy. Narnia is actually a really decent movie. Alina Greiser, you're almost the only reason I still remember how to smile. Well, my head is pounding and my throat hurts like a mother fucker, so I'm outtie.


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