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Shit On My Life
Skins | Effy
I've been browsing the website of the university I want to attend for a solid hour and a half now. Everything was going great. I checked requirements for the major I want. No problems. Money will be tight, but I can do it. The application for September 2009 admission in the Department of Humanities isn't due until May 15th. Awesome. I was so happy until I realized I'd missed one. tiny. detail. These are the admission requirements for the Department of Humanities:

  • English 11
  • Principles of Mathematics 11 (or equivalent)
  • Social Studies 11
  • An approved science 11 course
  • An approved second language 11 course
  • English 12
  • Three additional approved academic 12 courses

Looks fine. I took English 11, I took Math 11, I took Socials 11, I took a Science 11, I took French 11, I'm taking English 12, and my approved academic courses are Comparative Civilizations 12, Literature 12 and French 12. All was dandy. Until I clicked on the "approved" section, because I was curious. You know what's not an approved science 11? SCIENCE AND FUCKING TECHNOLOGY a.k.a. Astronomy. It's a program "not offered by all high schools" so even though I get graduation credits, I get fucking screwed university-wise. So either I switch my faculty to Fine Arts and get my B.A. in "Writing" or I find my counsellor as fast as I fucking can on the first day of school and add a grade 11 science to my course list. Shit. On. My. Life. God I hate school. It's really just one suckfest to the next. When is my knowledge of rocks and such going to come into play in an ENGLISH COURSE?! I kind of feel like crying right now. So much for having a Math and Science free (and by that I meant enjoyable) grade 12 year...

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Have fun sucking in a Science with me senior year!

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